Production Volume

4.4823m metric tons

1% of global production, No. 22 in the world, No. 7 in Asia

Production Ratio


18% paper, 82% paperboard

Recovered Paper Recovery Rate


Recovered paper consumption is approx. 4.4m metric tons p.a., of which 2.9m metric tons is collected domestically.

Voluntary Emission Reduction

63,500 metric tons

Voluntary greenhouse gas reduction program since 2009

Synchronizing production
and benefit to society

Making paper to satisfy consumer needs while at the same time insisting on sourcing from man-made forests, reusing recycled paper, carbon capture and carbon reduction to benefit society.


Improving classification to
enhance recycling efficiency

Recovered paper can be classified into recyclable paper, unrecyclable paper and paper containers. Equipped with both system and scale, Taiwan’s domestic recovered paper has a utilization rate as high as 95%, one of the best in the world. More....



As times change, human interactions and communications have grown faster and faster,

but paper’s role as the most authentic carrier of information will never change.

“Box Wars” seeks to break free from the traditional manufacturing mindset to explore how paper

materials have changed, showcase imagination and different possibilities through creativity,

and encourage people to think about the everlasting relationship between man and paper.