Taiwan Paper Industry Association (TPIA)
was established on September 22, 1947. For more than 70 years, TPIA has served to coordinate industry relations, advance common interests, and promote the sustainable development of the paper industry. TPIA’s operations include:


1. Collecting market intelligents of the paper industry domestically and internationally.

2. Surveying raw materials s and assistances in the deployment thereof.

3. TPIA memberships, sales and marketing surveys, statistics and promotion.

4. Facilitating collaboration in respect of papermaking technology.

5. Protecting the legal rights of TPIA members.

6. Surveying the business situation of TPIA members.

7. Exhibitions involving products of TPIA members.

8. Recording and updating basic information of members and member representatives.

9. Applications, updates, replacements, and proof of member qualifications in respect of TPIA membership certificates.

10.Mediating and assisting in the mediation of industry disputes and labor disputes.

11.Researching and improving labor productivity, and organizing related staff training and seminars.

12.Charity events for TPIA members.

13.Activities commissioned by agencies, groups or TPIA members.

14.Assisting with the implementation and research recommendations of government economic policies and industrial laws.

15.Participating in social activism.

16.Other matters pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.